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About us

Who we are

Diversa/mente is a cultural association for social promotion; it operates in the mental health care field, specifically to support people coming from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, migrants and migrants’ children. Its aim is to promote integration, which is based on the dialogue between different cultures and on mutual respect of these, on equal opportunities for everyone, and on the development of common grounds on which to grow upon together.
It fosters the diffusion and application of psychological and psychotherapeutic methodologies, which have been inspired by ethno-psychoanalysis, ethnopsychiatry and anthropology. Its members are psychotherapists, community psychologists, anthropologists and cultural mediators.
The association can be characterized as a dynamic laboratory and is based on a multidisciplinary study and research of the migration experience, and different kinds of distress that this situation may bring about.


What we offer

An ethno-clinical consultation service

Diversa/mente created a clinical group formed by psychologists, psychotherapists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, and cultural mediators. The group meets twice a month in order to analyse theoretical issues and clinical situations, by following an ethno-psychoanalytical approach.
It has also created a ethno-clinical consultation service, which is free of charge, and available to young and old people who migrated from different countries, may they be couples and families who feel that they are emotionally suffering, or have other kinds of psychological problems linked to their migration experience, to the new reality they are living in, or the relationships with relatives and family, issues linked to parenthood, or being children in a different country and the reunification with the family.
Depending on the assessed needs, they can benefit from a single consultation or can be taken care with more sessions.
The ethno-clinical consultation service is located in Rastignano (Municipality of Pianoro) and it is primarily offered to foreign inhabitants of the San Lazzaro District (Bologna). The service is available by appointment.

Anti-discrimination help desk

This help desk was promoted by the Emilia Romagna region, together with the district of San Lazzaro di Savena and the Municipality of Pianoro.This service is free of charge; it gives information, psychological support, and guidance to those migrants who feel to be or have been discriminated against, or those who have been witnesses of discrimination against others.

The service offers four main appointments. If at the end of this consultation the need of a psychotherapeutic support is detected, it can be decided to proceed with other sessions, defining their modality and number with the ethno-clinical consultation service, or even to call the public services.

The desk is available by appointment on Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm or on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 am at the Civic Centre of Rastignano (Municipality of Pianoro).

Training and supervision

Diversa/mente offers different kinds of training, seminars, training days, conferences, regarding ethno-psychoanalysis, ethno-psychiatry, medical anthropology and clinical transcultural psychology.

The trainings and supervisions are meant for different professional profiles (health and social operators, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, educations, teachers, cultural mediators) working with and supported by public and private institutions.
We also coordinate meetings of group supervision, paying particular attention to the analysis of countertransference, to the background cultural components and the current social and cultural context.

Social and educational interventions on field

Diversa/mente offers projects in collaboration with public institutions and other non- profit associations or of volunteers by proposing its psychological and anthropological competences.
The main aims of these projects are: the prevention of psychological problems which may arise from family reunifications, the endorsement of parent competences, the reduction of school drop-out and conflict management between Italian and foreign citizens.


The research is intended to give a critical point of view of the tools and methodologies that are used in traditional health care interventions. The aim is to define coping strategies that respond to psychological and social distress and to mental illness. These strategies are meant to facilitate the comprehension of cultural representations inside which a person is formed, and to reveal integration difficulties given by old and new social identities. Issues originated from changes and conflicts of political, economical and social nature are also addressed.
Finally, several researches were made using a methodology that employs interviews based on perceived needs of migrant families, linked to the local context where they live in, such as the school attended by their children, and the social and health services they can use.

Via Massarenti 35/2, Bologna
Telephone: 348.3253366

C.F. 02092041207